We provide tailor made solutions to our clients – full or partial service for BWTS/EGCS retrofit services  depending on their requirements. Some shipowners require our full support going through all phases involved in BWTS/EGCS retrofit whereas others only need partial consultation – flexibility is our strength.

Maritime Engineering & Solution GmBH – Your Partner for your succesful business! Explore our Services:

1.       Evaluation Phase

We provide an unbiased and neutral evaluation survey of current BWTS/EGCS systems and manufacturers together with prices and delivery times so the shipowner can decide on the optimal project outcome. The shipowner decides on the desired BWTS/EGCS alone.

2.       3D scanning & Report

Our scan technicians go onboard and scan all relevant areas which are relevant for the respective püroject for BWTS/EGCS our main aim is complete scanning of all decks in the funnel and the engine room as well as additional space which are likely to come into play for the imminent retrofit. Once onboard our technicians also evaluate further details and talk with crew and fleet management for the challenges at hand. After completion of the 3D scan our technicians file a report to the shipowner about the findings onboard.

3.       Feasibility Study

Our engineers take the evaluation report and scan data and do a pre-engineering test in order to see if the chosen BWTS/EGCS will be incoprable into the vessel in respect of power supply, space and installation time and advise the shipwowner for the feasibility of the individual system. Should the chooosen system not be viable the shiponwer can at this stage make a new decision at not extra costs until the optimal solution is found.

4.       Data Conversion

Our IT experts than take the raw data and convert into processable data which is further needed for the full engineering. At this stage the data is transformed by our powerful workstations into VR Quality where we can discuss and amend together with the shipowner all open question of the project.

5.    Full Engineering

Our project engineers hold experience of shipbuilding supervision of over 164 newbuilding units of container vessels and bulk carriers of all sizes. Furthermore, our skilled engineers and highly trained specialist offers the highest quality general, mechanical and electrical engineering.

6.    Project Supervision

Our expertise and extended industry experience assists the team in the ever-changing projects. We are able to supervice and control a wide range of projects and asssist along the different steps. From the stages of theoretical planning to warrenty claims, we can oversee your project and assure you, that your vessels have received the greatest care.