Are you ready for 2050 ?

Shipowners have been faced by many challenges and investments especially after complying with the latest BWTS ratifications and sulphur cap 2020 requirements.

However, we have the next challenge already ahead of us: How can we get control over the global warming and reducing CO2 emissions?

Our approach is different: We consider CO2 as a commodity rather than a climate killer. We need to capture CO2 onboard, store it and transfer ashore in dedicated ports. In result, we can use this CO2 to generate green synthetic fuels.

We do not need to change maritime transportation, we just need to stop wasting resources. CO2 is a high-value raw material. CO2-free maritime transport is our future!


Irrespective of the commercial conditions in maritime business, the daily operation of vessels is framed by rules and regulations issued by different governing bodies such as flag states, governments, organisations and classification societies.

The following represent a summary of environment-selected shipping, regulation and design issues shipowners/ operators are facing:
•     Emission Control Areas (ECAs)
•     NOx Emissions
•     SOx Emissions
•     Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) Emissions
•     CO2 Emissions
•     Ballast Water