We optimize your need by providing the most efficient and suitable solution for your upgrade, retrofit or modernisation. We combine technical expertise and entrepreneurial understand in a master plan tailored for your vessel and your fleet.

Retrofit and modernisation solutions are infinite, but we identify the most attractive and efficient solutions for your specific vessel, sailing profile and operational pattern. Next to investigating hull shape and propeller efficiency, we analyse your current performance management system and KPI’s to establish the most effective performance programme. In addition, we analyse your electrical profile to identify gaps and to propose solutions in the fields of electrical energy saving devices and energy storage.

We evaluate how compliance with various exhaust emissions requirements can be achieved. Options such as alternative fuels and power generation (including e.g., fuel cells or LNG) are considered under reflection of different commercial and technical aspects as well as operational patterns. Ships need to comply, not only in ECA areas. We provide you a comprehensive investigation for your vessels propulsion and auxiliary engines with regard to exhaust gas cleaning systems, catalysators and corresponding products.

All our evaluations contain detailed reports, lists of various options and their payback (RoI). We provide you with a durable expertise on each solution’s saving potential and offer you to accompany you along the whole project – from the evaluation over top-level 3D laser scan, engineering to final implementation.