Bio Fouling

Preventing the transfer of invasive species and coordinating a timely and effective response to invasions requires cooperation and collaboration among governments, economic sectors, non-governmental organizations and international treaty organizations; the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provides the global framework by requiring States to work together “to prevent, reduce and control human caused pollution of the marine environment, including the intentional or accidental introduction of harmful or alien species to a particular part of the marine environment.” However, the control of vessel biofouling remains largely voluntary which is inhibiting the development of technologies to address the problem MES supports you in complying with the need to protect our environment.

We search and find solutions enabling you to reduce or even omit the transfer of invasive aquatic species. Fouling is always the direct result of a biofilm built-up. The removal of a biofilm is rather difficult, remaining parts lead to an accelerated regrowth. We promote biofilm prevention solutions which in result prevent the built-up of invasive species on the ship hull.


We find the most suitable antifouling countermeasure for every budget and need, from antifouling coating to ultrasonic biofilm prevention. We help you in making the best decision for many years of energy-efficient vessel sailing with maximum protection our our environment.