MES – Maritime Engineering & Solutions GmbH

“There are never problems – just solutions”

MES was found by passionate maritime experts with background in shipbuilding and operation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering & automation, supervision and consultancy. As a team we aspire to offer shipowners and operators solutions to comply with latest national and international rules and regulations, financially viable in today’s tight maritime economic environment.

Our engineers think outside of the box, to identify and overcome future challenges which are gleaming on the horizon. We support our customers to evaluate, develop, consult and execute difficult maritime projects in today’s multi faceted shipping economy –  efficiently and swiftly.

From engaging in pre-evaluation of suitable equipment & techniques, analysis of efficiency, full engineering services, automation and developing thoroughly researched future strategies we want to empower the owners and operators with multiple solutions and options at hand to make the best and most economically viable decision for their specific need, vessel and trading pattern.

We use our knowledge and experience to expand their business once they enter rough waters. MES offers the best approach for the maritime industry.

We accept your challenges at hand!

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