We specialize in 3D high-Resolution laser scanning services and provide end-to-end solutions that enable shipowners and operators to turn the captured data into actionable 3D models based on an Image cloud of your vessel details.
We use the latest scanning technology with the highest resolutions in order to save time and money and keep the down time to a minimum.
The 3D scan is used to generate a 3D CAD design of the installation and detailed engineering drawings are made, after which, all parts were prefabricated to a very high precision.
We use your vessel data to evaluate, plan and construct your retrofit virtually while given given full access to our customers.


  • 3D scanning, modelling and detailed Engineering including class / flage state acceptance
  • Prefabrication and installation of new Equipment & piping and connection to the existing vessel’s machinery
  • Pulling cables for new electrical connections
  • Connecting all electrical parts and cabinets
  • Pressure / System testing of the system post installation

Techno-Eco Feasibility Study

  • Pre-survey scan preparations – finding possible installation areas for the upgrade. Location of affected areas.
  • High-resolution digital 3D laser scanning in port, during voyage or in dry dock.
  • All concerned locations on the vessel will be 3D laser scanned in high resolution by portable scanning device and the generated digitalized point cloud will be used for evaluation purposes of possible installation positioning solutions and layouts.
  • Check and scan tie-in locations into existing piping system.
  • Retrofit survey will identify all critical points required.
  • Checking wire routing, cable penetrations, main switchboard.
  • Record possible modifications if required.
  • Feasibility evaluation of retrofit/installations of different retrofit solutions suitable

Basic Engineering

  • Preliminary design concept
  • Identification of possible limitations
  • Modelling of different retrofit systems and required pipe components
  • Preliminary design concept 3D CAD modelling
  • Placing of maker’s 3D models into virtual high-resolution 3D scanned room
  • Pipe tracing
  • Possible implications to classification society rules
  • Identification of possible installation locations of retrofit equipment in order to evaluate the feasibility of preliminary arrangement
  • Observed challenges of installation of the retrofit
  • Draft scope of required modification works and additional structures onboard
  • Electrical survey for breakers and space in switchboards
  • Connection to AMS

Final Design & Engineering

  • Engineering and final design of selected Retrofit System based on available documentation, 3D scan data and onboard mes survey results
  • Preparation of detailed proposal with the retrofit system modelled for owners and manufacturer approval
  • Project engineering, including all technical discussions with equipment maker, classification Society and ship owner
  • Preparation of technical specification in compliance with requirements set out by flag and class requirements
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Full electrical engineering and AMS integration engineering of equipment
  • Structural & outfitting analysis
  • Update ballast water P&ID to new status
  • Retrofit / installation design proposal for retrofit system
  • Generation of detailed assembly plans
  • Draft isometric drawings to support fabrication of piping structure
  • Production drawings for necessary foundations
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Parts list of additional materials needed
  • Submission of engineering concept to owners for comments and approval
  • Preparation and update of drawings for classification society and flag state approval
  • Issuance of final drawings
  • Delivery of classification society approved drawings