Our Services

  • Technical-economic study evaluating:
  • Technology & status of available solutions
  • Systems specifications
  • OPEX and operational issues
  • Compliance with rules & regulations
  • Complete 3D scan of areas of interest
  • Creation of cloud image data
  • Identification of possible bottlenecks & obstruction areas.
  • Creation of preliminary visual scan data assisting the decision making process
  • Fully integrated conversion of 3D point cloud data into CAD engineering format
  • Advanced data processing functions
  • Geometric and intelligent CAD modells
  • Data editing, modelling & management
  • Virtual reality (VR) project management
  • System modelling including main pipe components and electrical connections
  • Model placing into the 3D scan data
  • Virtual Reality view of your project
  • Analysis of the budget relative to client requirements
  • mechanical engineering & detailed design
  • electrical & automation engineering
  • project management
  • Update of P&ID system
  • Class approval
  • Worldwide / ontime / on budget
  • Engineers / technicians deployment based on project requirement
  • Supervision of prefabrication, construction, retrofit installation and commissioning
  • Lean project management with daily/weekly customer rapport
  • After sales warranty claim service
BWTS sold / in refit
Vessels above 100 GT
EGCS sold / in refit / ordered
Missed the SOx-Deadline ?

3'692 SOx EGCS equipped

We are your full serive proivder for your demanding, complex and diverse shipping problems. You will not only get results from a set number of answers but innovative technical solutions. Individually planned, made to measure and continoursly controlled.

  • one-off solutions
  • in-house project management
  • tailor made results
All > 2'000 DWT

EGCS Alternative to wet scrubber

The MESdry Exhaust Purifier is designed to remove SOx from the main engine exhaust gas, compliant with Flag State, Classification and Marpol Annex VI regulation 14. The system is designed to reduce SOx emissions from any HFO sulfur grade down to 0.1 % (ECAS) or 0.5 % (IMO) sulphur.

Our Solutions

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Independent & individual BWTS tailored for your vessels

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

State of the art Exhaust Gas Cleaning solutions

Energy Efficiency & Electrification

Modern, optimized and efficient technology and Engineering. Retrofit and system Integration of battery packs.

Bio Fouling

Preventing, reducing and eleminating Biofilm creation

Noise Pollution

Ideentifying & reducing noise pollution emissions

Technical Knowledge from Proven experts

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“There are never problems – just challenges which we turn into solutions”

MES was found by a team of maritime experts that passionately work  in the fields of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, supervision and consultancy. As a collective we aspire to offer shipowners and operators solutions facing new international maritime ratifications, laws and statutes regarding shipping and make them financially viable in today’s tight maritime economic environment.

Our engineers think outside of the box, to identify and overcome future challenges which are gleeimg on the horizon.

  • We understand that the global shipping market is moving faster than ever and solutions need to be delivered efficiently and swiftly.
  • We help shipowners evaluate, develop, consult and execute difficult maritime projects in today’s multi faceted shipping economy.
  • From engaging in pre-evaluation of suitable equipment & techniques, analysis of efficiency, full engineering services, automation and developing thoroughly researched future strategies we want to empower the shipowner with multiple solutions and options at hand to make the best and most economically viable decision for their vessel.
  • We use our knowledge and experience to expand their business once they enter rough waters. MES offers the best approach for the maritime industry.

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